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Here at Oliver Connell and Son Ltd, we pride ourselves on our resources as they are our frontline and are essential to what makes Oliver Connell & Son Ltd a successful contractor.

As a company we have the capability to self-deliver projects. All of our staff and personnel are trained to a minimum industry standard CSCS. As the work force grows with the business we have invested in an NVQ programme and a commitment to train the work force to achieve their relevant NVQ qualification. We upskill our labour from basic labour trades to skilled carpenters and supervisors, therefore as a business we retain our own in-house resources for all our projects that we deliver. With an ever-expanding business we are constantly upskilling the work force and training them to ensure compliance with statutory regulations.

We have our own safety team that monitor compliance on projects from safe systems of works to adequate training for personnel. With the in house safety team we monitor personnel Heath Safety Welfare and fatigue.

As the company has grown we have chosen to upskill and develop our existing work force and train them to Network Rail Standards for Safety with Industry Common Induction and Personnel Track Safety courses.

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