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Oliver Connell and Son Ltd have made safety their number one priority, this is lead by the Connell Family and the senior management.

In September 2018, Oliver Connell’s Launched SIGHT, their own Safety initiative, developed to involve the workforce at a personal level and engage everyone in providing a safe place for us all work.

SIGHT is an acronym for “Safety, Is Getting Home Tonight” and is made up of a number of individual programmes to raise the awareness of our employees, along with giving them the opportunity to raise their own concerns and innovations.

in sightAn introduction to Oliver Connell, their vision and culture on site and within the Offices and yards.

i sightThe Individual, a discussion with smaller groups of the operatives, about Behaviour, what they should expect from us and what’s expected of them. Developed to raise the awareness of the individual and letting them know that they can say stop, they can take five, and they can ask awkward questions without the risk of discrimination.

out sightOut of Sight out of Mind. Raising the Awareness of Mental health Issues, stress in the work place and contact numbers for the trained people within the company that can assist them and refer them to other organisations.

my sightA card-based initiative, where the workforce can make suggestions, comments or simply highlight their observations to the company anonymously if they wish.

eye sighthind sightMaking everyone throughout the company aware of safety issues and the findings of any investigations and solutions.
Our Visual Standards, how we present ourselves to the eye.

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