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The OC Way

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At Oliver Connell & Son we know that our workforce is our biggest asset. Therefore health, safety and wellbeing of all our workforce is paramount to our success. Monitoring and Developing that Culture is essential to our development.

The OC Way
Each Contract Manager, Project Manager and Site Supervisor is trained in the “OC Way” a set of visual standards and guidelines to illustrate the way we want to operate. Each Standard is supported by a set Criteria which is monitored by the Health and Safety Department. This gives an objective and numerical view of our progress and allows us the opportunity to set targets and goals based on our performance. This is our brand

OC Online

To support and record all our information we have adopted a new online system. Which allows us to adhere to our Health and Safety Management System whilst spending more time on site where the supervision and management is needed the most. Health and Safety paperwork can be created, closed out and filed from a phone or a tablet on site. Training records are available real time from both desktop and phone app. Paperwork can be monitored from any location. This makes us more efficient and most importantly compliance is checked and verified a lot quicker giving us peace of mind.

OC Way Leadership

Leadership (Directors) and Contract Manager Tours

In line with ISO 45001 we made a business decision to demonstrate our Health and Safety Commitment from top down. With that in mind we embarked on a two-phase approach.

  • Leadership Tours – Directors / Business Leaders
  • Contract Manager Tours

Contract Manger Reports

Every site must have a Monthly Contract Manager HSE report. The purpose of this report is to sit in between the HSE Department Advisory Report and KPI Report and facilitate the closing out of items raised in any one inspection. Although a primitive approach, if you follow the advice, close out items you will get a better score. This has made a positive impact.

In order to incentivize the Contract Manager involvement – there is 2% gain or loss to made on each site monthly KPI. What this means is that we have created an environment where all PM`s are chasing their own Contract Manager to come and inspect their site, otherwise it will cost them points. I’m sure you will agree this is a positive culture.

All in all, this enables us to quantify our Health and Safety culture, not just based on a snapshot in time, but as a whole picture of support, Leadership and on-site performance. The desirable trend we are seeing is that the better the support and the more detailed Leadership Tours delivered, the better the HSE performance all around.

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