Client: Kier
Value: £2M
Period: 28 weeks

Scope of works: Oliver Connell & Son Ltd were appointed by Kier to carry out service expansion works at Gatwick Airport. Oliver Connell & Son Ltd carried out the construction of Piling Mat & Piling Attendance, Reinforced Concrete, New Service Installation, PQ Breakout & Reinstatement. Oliver Connell & Son Ltd were responsible for the location of services, generating and seeking approval for safe systems of work around services and worked with Kier to communicate with the service owners to conduct the work in a safe manor, without interrupting airport operations.

Oliver Connell & Son Ltd successfully worked around live Fuel Mains, Fire Mains, High Voltage (HV), Low Voltage (LV) services, utilising our Gas powered Vac Ex. Oliver Connell & Son Ltd, Kier & GAL developed a collaborative working relationship on this project.