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Health and Safety Policy Statement

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The objective of the company policy, as a fundamental part of its Health and Safety management system and in accordance with the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 is to prevent, in so far as is reasonably practicable during the course of the work or duties being undertaken, any accidental occurrence which may directly or indirectly result in:

  • Injury or occupational ill health to any person
  • Damage to or loss of any plant, equipment property, materials or products.
  • Delays in any processes or operations
  • Events, Which may otherwise be detrimental to efficiency
  • Adverse impact upon the environment

The application and promotion of the policy is the responsibility of Oliver Connell and Son Ltd senior management. Whilst duties and tasks may be delegated the overall responsibility remain that of senior management to ensure that Oliver Connell and Son Ltd complies with all relevant statutory Health and Safety Legislation, Approved Codes of Practice, and Railway standards.

Oliver Connell and Son Ltd

  • Treats Health and Safety as seriously as other aims.
  • Believes that injuries and occupational illness can be prevented.
  • Will set and maintain high standards of Health and Safety at all locations.
  • Works in accordance with Network Rail’s contract requirements safety

Oliver Connell and Son Ltd aims to act responsibly to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of its candidates whilst at work.

Oliver Connell and Son Ltd will:

  • Manage the business responsibly with regard to compliance with all relevant Health and Safety legislative requirements, including the provision of suitable insurance cover with reputable insurers
  • Set and Monitor safety objectives.
  • Be committed to continual improvement in safety performance.
  • Provide and maintain safe systems of work which will minimise risk to health.
  • Carry out an assessment of risk for all person whilst at work.
  • Provide sufficient resources for the management of health and safety.
  • Provide such information, training, and supervision as is necessary to promote the health and safety of its employees.
  • Seek the full co-operation of employees and clients in implementing this policy and promoting good safety practices.
  • Encourage safe behaviors and commit to re-educating unsafe behaviors.
  • Ensure all employees are fit for the work they are required to do.
  • Minimise risk of injury or illness created by work activities.
  • Ensure that Senior Management actively involve the workforce – including part-time and agency workers – as part of a developing health and safety culture.
  • Ensuring that all reported incidents, hazards, or refusals to work are addressed appropriately and reprisals against employees are not tolerated at any level
  • Maintain external safety-related certifications, for example, where ISO 45001:2018 is held.


Each candidate has a duty to co-operate by:

  • Each candidate has a duty to co-operate by:
  • Complying with appropriate legal requirements and company health and safety rules.
  • Wearing and using the protective clothing and equipment provided.
  • Applying good housekeeping to work areas.
  • Reporting incidents or hazards which could lead to injury or damage.
  • Attending safety training in accordance with Oliver Connell and Son Ltd requirements.
  • Working safely in the interests of themselves and others.

In addition to the basic Health and Safety arrangements outlined in the above policy, special procedures need to be adopted and applied in relation to railway work.


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