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As a responsible contractor Oliver Connell & Son understands its social, economic and environmental impact of any job. We ensure that these impacts are a positive e one by adopting measures to improve the value of our works to clients and the public.

We can’t do this by ourselves and ensure our values and strategy is shared amongst our supply chain. Our supply chain is handpicked and vetted prior to working with Oliver Connell & Son. Which assists us in the delivery of our brand values, caring out how our work impacts the environment.

ECO Plant
At Oliver Connell & Son we are continuously recycling our Plant to keep up with both the demands of our clients and the environment we operate in. This journey will continue well into the future as better technology is developed, allowing us to operate a more sustainable and efficient business.

Oliver Connell & Son Sustainable Plant
The Two flag ship additions that we have recently made are below.

  • Our Retro fitted Gas Powered - Vacuum Excavator
  • New Scania Hybrid Flat bed

Although both have helped us reduce our carbon footprint in their own way. The routes to achieve this have been very different.

1. Retro Fit
The first was to retro fit our Vac-Ex in conjunction with a company called “Prins Alternative fuel system”. It has been a real game changer for Oliver Connell & Son by enabling us to eliminate the direct risk of individuals being injured in and around Underground Services whilst simultaneously doing our bit for the environment.


We are very proud of our efforts making honourable and responsible gains with our fleet. As previously mentioned the journey does not stop here for Oliver Connell & Son and we look forward to sharing the plans we have for the rest of our fleet in the not-too-distant future.

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