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Value Engineering

RC Frames · Architectural Concrete · Basements/Civils · Aviation · Rail

Value Engineering is a service that we provide to our clients when we engage with them to offer solutions to complex project, allowing our clients to benefit from vast experience and in house capabilities that we can offer.

Due to the vast experience gained within the business and know how along with our broad spectrum of experience Oliver Connell & Son Limited can offer clients new and old tangible solutions to provide programme and cost savings when projects require it.

  • Ground Remediation Solutions.
  • Pre-fabricated Steel elements.
  • Precast Concrete Components. (Sourced through our dedicated supply chain or self-delivered)
  • Ground Water Control Techniques
  • Phased Temporary works solutions
  • Reinforcement Detailing
  • Post Tension Solutions
  • Jump-form & Slip-from Construction
  • Hydraulic Formwork solutions reducing crane time requirements.
  • Concrete Pumping Solutions

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