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Here at Oliver Connell and Son Ltd, we pride ourselves on our resources as they are our frontline and are essential to what makes Oliver Connell & Son Ltd a successful contractor.

As a company we have the capability to self-deliver projects. All our staff and personnel are trained to the industry standard CSCS. As the work force grows with the business, we upskill our labour from basic labour trades to skilled carpenters and supervisors, therefore as a business we retain our own in-house resources for all our projects that we deliver. With an ever-expanding business we are constantly upskilling the work force and training them to ensure compliance with statutory regulations.

We have our own safety team that monitor compliance on projects from a safe system of works, this feeds into our training matrix system which tracks the certificates and accreditations held by our workforce and highlights in advance when renewals are required. This ensures our workforces ability to deliver the project. In addition, the in-house safety team monitors personnel Health Safety Welfare and Fatigue.

As the company has grown and expanded into the Rail sector we have chosen to upskill and develop our existing work force to bring them in line with the Network Rail Standards for Safety with Industry Common Induction and Personnel Track Safety courses.

At Oliver Connell & Son we are part of a multi-billion-pound industry that deals with developing the underlying structure from Commercial and Residential to high-speed Rail projects and Aviation.

In order to future proof our business we realise the social and economic value in investing in the youth of today to ensure succession of ourselves and the industry as whole.

Our Apprenticeship scheme is geared towards creating an attractive proposition to any potential employee, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs.

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We try to go above and beyond in Oliver Connell & Son and recognise that the first impression and standards set for any individual will lay done a marker for the rest of their Career. It is our job to take responsible action in this field and adding to the blueprint of their career. To facilitate this, we do not take on an Apprentice lightly. They will be mentored by a loner standing well respected member of the workforce who can reinforce our core values.

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